Pokemon Korean Crimson Haze: The Best Value?

Korean Pokemon Crimson Haze Booster Box

 Crimson Haze is here, this set will feature Blood moon Ursaluna. This is a unique Pokemon from the Teal Mask DLC. This set alongside Aprils Mask of Change will for the English set: Twilight Masquerade! This set has a total of 66 base cards with a total of 96 cards, which will make up AR, SR, SAR & UR!

This set will follow it's Japanese counterpart having 5 cards per pack and 30 packs per box. However, the Korean version is expected to be around $15.00 cheaper! Now that is great value for such an amazing set.

Release dates are set to be May 18th, with us here in the states receiving them around the 25th.

You can Purchase here when they are available!