Pokeunlimited, Korean One Piece TCG Release Schedule, Starter Decks STK-01 & STK-02

One Piece Korean TCG Starter Decks And Release Schedule!

More Info on Korean One Piece TCG!


 Bandai Korea has released more information regarding the upcoming release of the Korean One Piece TCG version. Starting now in March we will see two starker decks, STK-01 and STK-02 which appear to mirror ST-01 and ST-02 "The Straw hat Pirates" and "Worst Generation". Following that in April we will receive two more starter decks, STK-03 and STK-04 along with our first booster box OPK-01! These will be printed in Korean language and they have revealed the release schedule till the end of this year. It looks as if we will be getting a new booster set roughly every three months.

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